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Kristen Ryff

About Kristen Ryff

Kristen Ryff is a mental health professional with over 12 years of social work and healing experience. Kristen received her BA in Elementary Education and MA in Counseling and, in the time since, has built a career around helping people through a variety of mental health challenges. Over the course of her experience within the industry, she has earned distinctions such as IPHM Approved practitioner, Certified Hypnotist, and emotion and life coach.

Kristen has worked with children for a decade, helping families reunite and heal from past traumas. She has extensive experience working with teens who exhibit extreme behaviors, autistic youth, and individuals within the 16-45 age range, assisting them in group home settings and coordinating comprehensive behavioral health.

Kristen’s passion lies in building strong rapports with her clients and helping them develop strategies that allow them to properly cope with and work around life’s issues. As a parent of an autistic child, Kristen Ryff acknowledges how critical it is to address the diverse needs of children, young people, and adults who face challenges while providing them with the tools to reach their personal goals.

Kristen Ryff is currently the owner and operator of Recharged Resilience, LLC, an organization that helps individuals aged 18-65 better manage their behavioral health and access mental health care. Kristen maintains that the goal of the company is to contribute to accessible, inclusive, and equitable environments for those who are seeking behavioral health support, focusing on a variety of solutions such as trauma informed care, ethics in mental health care, and more.

Over the course of Krysten Ryff’s career, she has built a reputation within her industry for her profound commitment to quality mental and behavioral health care as well as her ability to connect with individuals of all walks of life. Kristen’s patience, willingness to teach, and human-first approach to her practices are a few reasons why she is sought after for support.—Your Resource for Mental Health Resources and More!

Kristen Ryff is a platform created to shed light on a variety of topics linked to Mrs. Ryff’s areas of expertise. Kristen acknowledges how, today, many people are growing interested in maintaining their mental health and improving behaviors as a means to grow, overcome traumas, and reach their individualized ideas of success.

With this in mind, content featured on this site hopes to inspire industry professionals, clients, and those who are interested in the mental health and behavioral health spaces to make informed decisions and rise above challenges.

Future posts on will include information on topics such as:

Mental and Behavioral Health

One of the main goals of this site is to provide inside looks into the mental and behavioral health fields in an effort to help individuals learn more about processes, effective strategies, and industry trends. For this reason, future posts on this site will include information on a variety of topics linked to mental and behavioral health. If you have ever wondered how professionals in the space work with children, young people, and adults to help them make positive life changes, address their trauma, and grow as individuals in the process, this site has you covered.

Life Coaching

Life coaches play an integral role in helping people reevaluate their choices, self-reflect, and ensure that their actions are in line with their ideas of success. This is why future content drawing from Kristen’s life coaching experience hopes to shed light on the field and the work that professionals do to keep clients on track working towards their goals.

Alternative Healing

Recently, there has been an uptick in alternative healing as people begin to realize just how effective these strategies are for assisting individuals on their life journeys. To some, exploring alternative healing can be daunting because they do not have a foundation in the field that demystifies how these tools work and what they can help them accomplish. Alternative healing insights featured on will help readers learn more about the field, shine a light on specific treatment examples, and ultimately explore the value that alternative healing can bring to clients’ lives.

Kristen Ryff

Professional Insights

Kristen Ryff has learned through her social work and mental health experiences that professionals in the space often need assistance just like the clientele that they serve. Not only are helpful resources valuable for career growth and accessing opportunities to learn, but they can also serve as support when dealing with common challenges that may impact motivation, the effectiveness of strategies, and more. That being said, readers can expect future professional insights to explore information valuable for new and experienced mental health, behavioral health, and social services professionals alike as they seek to make a difference and continue on their career journeys.

Mental Health Industry News

The mental health industry is in a constant state of growth and development, as evident from the shifts that we have seen since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying up to date on the latest industry news in terms of policies, best practices, assisting technologies, trends, etc. can, therefore, be extremely beneficial for professionals, clients, and their loved ones as they navigate the field. Expect explorations of mental health industry news to provide context to interesting developments within the field as well as their scope, impact, and Kristen’s insights on how these changes may affect the future of mental health treatment.

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